The 2023 Marketing Trends Every Business Owner Should Know

January 20, 2023

BAM, just like that a new year has started! With a new year, there’s new trends and new ways to be savvy.

We are not talking about the latest high waist, skinny rock and roll style blue jeans here, although that could be cool too… we are talking about marketing trends.

Marketing evolves constantly because the consumer is always evolving. So in business you must look out for important marketing trends to incorporate into your strategy because by doing this you will ensure your business continues to stand out.

So, business owners, marketing wizards, or simply smart readers 🙂 sit back, relax, and read about the hottest 2023 marketing trends.

1. The buying cycle is longer

More than a trend this it’s a fact. Both buying and delivering cycles in service industries have increased.

With the ongoing illness (the spicy cold is still here!), inflation and interest rates trending upwards, budgets are getting tighter, and people are taking longer to make decisions.

What does this mean for your marketing? It means you need more marketing not less, a higher frequency of activity and consistent follow up with potential and existing clients. Regular marketing communications whether it’s newsletters, blogs, social media or other, will help keep you front of mind while demonstrating your skills and building credibility.

Keep your brand positioning, identity and messaging consistent. You might get bored of it but your audience is unlikely too. Ensure that your message is relevant and includes appropriate imagery and tone so your marketing stands out.

2. 2023 marketing trends: strategy is back!

In the last two years, many businesses adapted their marketing to the environment using different tactics to combat a stop/start environment. Many let strategy go in favour of flexibility.

While this may have worked in the short term, the business climate is changing again. Service businesses are experiencing longer sales cycles, others are facing ongoing supply and people resourcing issues. Not to mention that buyers are more discerning, and their expectations have changed. In this environment businesses need a longer-term approach: they need a marketing strategy.

So this year before pinpointing if your Google ads will convert more than your Facebook ads, take a step back and create a marketing strategy. Establish clear goals, know your audiences and decide on areas of focus. Ensure you consider your brand positioning and how to build clients’ loyalty over the long term. Define who your target market is, what to say to them, when to say it and where.

3. The trend continues with content

Content has been king for a while now and in 2023 it will continue albeit with a slight evolution. It’s all about dynamic content! The online users’ attention span continues to shorten so you need to grab – and retain – your audience’s attention within seconds.

This year content needs to be:

Easily found which means things like: SEO optimised websites and blogs and consistently engaged social media followers to drive reach.

Super engaging. Your content must tell stories. It must include visuals, sound, and movement to inspire your audience to connect with your business.

Particularly video content will keep growing in 2023, so ensure you include videos in your marketing strategy. It is the most powerful tool when it comes to message retention.

4. Why customer experience will matter more in 2023

It’s become harder and harder to differentiate on product or price. If a business wants to be remembered, clients need memorable experiences.

Great customer experience starts from within. They start with your team. So work actively on creating an employee engagement program that focuses on authenticity.

If your team is happy and engaged they will share that enthusiasm with your clients and provide wonderful experiences. Strong, engaging and rewarding customer experiences lead customers to make purchase decisions and return to you down the track.

Want to know more 2023 marketing trends and insights on how to stand out from your competitors? Get in touch via to see how we can help.

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