3 Content Marketing Tips To Drive Sales

April 26, 2023

Owning or running a business means that driving sales is essential. It doesn’t matter if you sell products via a retail business or services like insurance, sales means success. Particularly now, as the financial year comes to an end, you need to ensure that you meet those sales targets!

Quality content helps you stand out and drive sales. For example, it’s estimated that companies that blog consistently generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not. Yep, that’s how powerful good content is.

If we have convinced you to read more, then sit back, relax, and add what’s coming to your “Content Bible”. These three effective content marketing tips will help you increase sales and even meet your end of financial year goals.

1. How blogging will help you drive sales

There are several benefits to consistently creating and sharing quality and optimised blogs on your website.

1. Engagement and brand awareness. By blogging regularly, you will provide valuable information to your audience and keep them engaged and loyal to your brand. And we all know: loyalty drives sales!

Share your blogs on social media and prime your audience to re-share them. This will increase your brand awareness and help you reach new clients. Ensure that every blog post includes a call to action like a “Get in touch” tab or “Call us today” to drive leads that can later convert into customers.

2. Leadership in the sector. Consistently blogging on your website will establish your business as a thought leader in your industry. This will build trust with potential clients, who will be more likely to choose you over your competitors. So ensure that you publish at least one or two blog posts a month to build trust that will in turn drive sales.

3. Increased website traffic. An optimised blog will help your website rank higher on Google, so your business can be easily discovered by new clients. The more traffic your website receives, the more potential sales opportunities there will be for your business!

2. Why you need case studies if you want to drive sales   

Case studies are another extremely powerful tool that will help you drive sales. They make things ”real”, and  they will help your potential clients make decisions. So start creating and sharing case studies to:

1. Demonstrate value. Show how you have helped previous customers solve their problems. This will provide a strong social proof for your potential clients and help them make purchasing decisions, which will increase your sales.

2. Address objections. Case studies will also help address common objections that potential clients may have. For example, if a potential customer is concerned about the need for a certain service, like a specific insurance policy, you can use a case study to show how a previous client benefited from this approach. This will, in turn, build trust in your business and open the door for a new potential business relationship.

3. Videos: a must to create effective content that drives sales  

Videos are among the most influential content tool because they are highly effective in conveying messages to the human brain. They skyrocket clients’ message retention and are a must if you want to drive sales!

Create education demos, tutorials, and explainer videos that showcase the benefits of your service. Ensure you publish your videos on your social media platforms, Youtube channel, and if professionally made, on your website.

Remember to always include a call to action at the end of every video, like “click the link for a quote”. This will encourage viewers to approach your business so you can convert the engagement into sales.

If you want to know more about how content marketing can help your insurance business drive sales, get in touch via to see how we can help.

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