3 Top Tips For Marketing Insurance Products With Passion

July 14, 2022


How does a customer choose between two near-identical insurance products, both priced competitively and sold by similar insurance businesses?


Good question. Flip a coin?

To avoid this problem, your insurance business needs to stand out, and to stand out, you need to promote your insurance products with passion.

A comprehensive marketing strategy showcasing your knowledge and industry expertise will give you a clear edge over competitors. Because if you aren’t passionate about your insurance products, why would your customers be?

The insurance industry often undervalues itself, with well-used lines like “Insurance is boring, it’s not sexy”. I don’t buy into that, because you know what is sexy? A profitable business. A business that ensures their customers’ interests are protected and risks reduced. And what’s even sexier? A team that works together with a shared belief in their products and the desire to grow a loyal customer base. 

I’m passionate about marketing because I know the value it adds to a business. A well-planned marketing strategy will create a buzz around your insurance products, generating conversations and discussions; identifying trends, customers, talent and much more. The more I talk about how marketing can help a business the more animated I become, with a degree of hand gesticulation to rival the coach of A.C. Milan!  My love for what I do and the passion I have for marketing excites my clients and gives them a reason to believe in my product. It’s no different for you and your customers.

The 3 Top tips for marketing insurance products that you need to know

To promote with passion, you need to shout the benefits of your insurance products from the rooftops, so without further ado –

We Are Savvy presents the 3 top tips for marketing insurance products:

  1. Be positive in language and imagery. Show off your knowledge of trends, current events, provide insights, and give a nod to the diverse customer base out there waiting to hear about your products. To get customers excited, you need to focus on the positives in life, all of which are enhanced by good insurance.
  2. Be about the benefits. Insurance offers peace of mind, certainty amidst uncertainty, a safety net allowing you to live life to the fullest. These positives sell products more easily than a singular focus on fear or doom and gloom.
  3. Be personable. You must embrace and embody your business brand and associated marketing with personality. Think smarts, humour, irony, happiness, or even love. Connecting on an emotional level makes your message more memorable for customers, who should picture themselves in the story you’re telling. Most people want to work with other people they have an affinity with, so show your true personality.

To learn more tips for marketing insurance products, and to experience my passion firsthand as we shape your insurance product marketing strategy together, call myself and the team at We Are Savvy to help your business thrive. What are you waiting for?


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