How We Are Savvy helped Atria Real Estate stand out from competitors


Atria Real Estate is an independent real estate agency established in 2021. CEO, Simone Chin, founded the company with a vision: “to operate differently from the big franchises and focus on outstanding client outcomes, rather than only sales”. To enter the market and reach their goals Atria needed to create brand awareness amongst target audiences.

The real estate market is highly competitive. It’s populated by large franchises that have strong brand recognition and significant exposure from long-term marketing. This makes it hard for independent agencies, like Atria, to stand out in the real estate arena.


We Are Savvy undertook an in-depth competitor analysis utilising desktop research to assess Atria’s market position. To help Atria stand out, a content approach based on Atria’s positioning and space in the competitive landscape was developed.

The Content Plan incorporated:

1. A rolling content calendar based on content themes relevant to the target audiences.
2. A consistent organic content approach across key social media platforms: Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.
3. Creation of monthly SEO-optimised blog posts.
4. Continual optimisation of content themes and placement to enhance reach and engagement.


Over the past 12 months, Atria has gained strong recognition from existing and new clients. The brand message has been communicated clearly in a way that is relevant to the target audiences. Atria’s social media platforms grew extensively. The number of followers and engagement skyrocketed throughout the year, enhancing brand awareness among property sellers and buyers. The implementation of the content plan has supported Atria to record strong sales growth and increased their staffing over the course of the year.


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