Sparque: A fresh brand for a positive impact


Sparque, formerly known as E-stralian, was ready to grow.

Operating since 2016, this Australian ebike business had their eye on our changing future. Seeing the potential of ebikes as a healthy, sustainable and convenient transport choice. Sparque wanted to increase ebike usage and become the nation’s go-to premium ebike provider.

Sparque’s philosophy was to enable Australians to take control of their commute via their own personal ebike, accessed directly or through a salary-packaged lease. However, their name and brand was not aligned with their long-term business goals of being a leader in the ebike industry, opening stores around Australia, so they can make a positive difference in the world.


We Are Savvy undertook a rigorous process to clarify and articulate Sparque’s brand positioning. Through this process, we were able to unpack that Sparque is passionate about being a brand focussed on lifestyle: a company that wants their customers to live a simpler, healthier and more enjoyable life with an ebike.

To inform the positioning, We Are Savvy collaborated with staff, and undertook multiple workshops as well as desktop research and customer surveys. The result was a clearly articulated brand position that helped to create a fresh new name and communications approach.

We Are Savvy also worked with their graphic designer partner to bring the visual identity to life and represent the new brand platform. The brand now demonstrates the philosophies of living life, and being supportive, personable and proactive.

Once the brand identity was created, We Are Savvy developed and executed the rebrand transition communications to ensure a smooth change.


Moving to a new business name has the potential for disjointed execution and stakeholder confusion, but We Are Savvy’s communication strategy ensured a smooth transition that engaged customers and suppliers.

With the new brand positioning in place, Sparque is now in the next stage of their growth journey. They are better able to articulate their purpose and what makes them different from other ebike providers, forging a continuing path for growth and expansion.


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