Creating a healthy working-from-home team culture

August 10, 2020

Working from home is here to stay, in some way, shape or form. While we’re all pretty well set up now and used to the never-ending zoom meetings, what about the impact on team culture?

For many businesses the positive impact of corridor conversations, personal jokes, bonding over team coffee runs, and the celebratory lunch that occurred within a physical office, now no longer exists.

The impact of working from home

As a result, your team might be finding it harder to collaborate or be making simple mistakes. Silos could be creeping in as information sharing is not quite like it was in the office. What about the motivation and connection between team members or your team and others in the organisation.

Creating and driving a positive and productive team culture doesn’t happen as naturally or easily online. While many teams implemented “the check-in” or “Friday zoom drinks”, after 5 or so months when your team is tired of the ‘new normal’, do these tactics really cut the mustard?

The good news is you can build culture online, however, it takes effort

With working-from-home systems in place, leaders must now find space to explore and set up more effective and engaging on-line meetings and a new team culture. Bring your team together and work out what’s working and what’s not. Have open and honest conversations, and help them understand each other’s environments better so they can work together.

Encouraging and putting in place systems to create a positive and supportive team culture now, will help set your team up for success as we continue to face constant change and uncertainty over the coming year.

Reinvigorate your team culture

If your team is struggling with its culture and teamwork practices, our online Team Culture Workshop can help you foster a positive team culture, identify what works and what doesn’t for your team, and implement new habits for a more connected and productive team.

Talk to us about our Team Culture Workshop.

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