Essentials Of A Customer-Focused Marketing Plan

July 8, 2021

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. So whilst a marketing plan is strategically crafted to achieve business goals, the goals are in fact, based on customer activity. Whether customers are subscribing, purchasing or contracting you, they’re taking some quantifiable action.

So everything about your marketing plan should scream “customer first”!

To ensure your next marketing plan is customer-focused, think of these questions first:


Who are your customers?


Some brands dive deep into customer avatars, going into intricate details about their ideal customers. Some brands keep it simple with top-level information only. It depends on your product or service and how niche it is. One thing is sure; for each product or service your brand offers, you need clarity on who that product or service is there to help.


What do your customers want (NOW)?


The “NOW” is the most important part of the question. Your customers’ immediate needs are what they want solutions for as you read this. The sweet spot lies in how effectively you can connect your offer with your customers “NOW” needs.


Where are your customers?


Seriously, where are they? Where do they spend their time (offline and online)? Where do they like to go to search for solutions? By understanding your customer’s behaviour, you can prepare for your brand to be present and stand out where your customers are.


What are your customers’ interests?


Knowing that lights up your customers and the type of activities and causes they’re interested in means, you can ‘talk’ to your customers in their language. Knowing your customer’s interests allows your brand to become aligned to those interests. If your customers are passionate about certain values, this is your brand’s opportunity to show similar values.

What will your customers pay?


By understanding your customer’s needs and pain points, you will start to understand what needs are great enough for them to pay for a solution. You’ll also gain an idea of how much your customers are willing to pay for that solution by diving deeper into your customer insights.


What other ways can we help this customer?


Instead of being ‘product first’ curve your thinking to ‘customer first’. How are you currently helping your customer? Then think about what their life/situation is right now. Are there other ways you can helping your customer to make their life easier?


Ask your customers for input.


When you’ve asked these questions, you are on track to creating a genuinely customer-focused marketing plan. An essential step in most brand’s marketing plan is to ask your customers for their feedback. How do they wish to be communicated? What do they think about your product or service? What else would they like to see as a value-add, and for what other issues are they looking to solve?


A happy customer spends!


Strategically crafting a customer-focused marketing plan earns trust and loyalty from your customers. You become their loyal source of information, solutions and inspiration. From there, maintaining a customer-focused attitude becomes second nature.

For information on how We Are Savvy can assist your team in crafting customer-focused marketing plans, speak with us today and start a conversation.

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