Expression Australia: DeafNav Campaign


Expression Australia wanted to raise awareness and drive traffic to DeafNav, a new purpose-built online information hub for Deaf or hard-of-hearing communities. They needed to target two distinct groups of people – parents and support workers of Deaf children.



We identified commonalities between the target audiences and a creative concept ‘the answers you’ve been searching for’ was developed, to appeal to parents and healthcare support workers. Expression Australia sourced a real story of a family who’d struggled with many questions when they had a child who was born Deaf. A paid media partnership with was then used to share the story, as was social media and reach both audiences.



Despite the campaign going live during COVID-19, the campaign reach was positive. With over 10,000 unique visitors exposed to the story and over 66,000 people reached on Facebook, driving traffic to the DeafNav platform.

So why was this successful in times when it was particularly hard to break through in advertising? Well, real people were used to share real experiences, and positive experiences. Others were able to relate, all parents have questions about their children, so the story piqued the interest of other like-minded individuals, especially when they were looking for something positive in their day.



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