For NFPs Consumers Want Reality (Not Celebrity)

June 7, 2021

A major insight from our recent research is that only 3% of consumers feel that celebrity endorsements are influential when it comes to influencing them to consider supporting a not for profit.

The highest-ranking marketing activities for helping an NFP brand be seen and remembered were People Stories at 58% effective and Relatable Information (56%).

So, the message is if you want consumers to consider supporting your NFP then you need to share human interest stories. Consumers are craving a (real) authentic story with which to connect. They want to see their values reflected back in a NFP’s values, and they want to be taken on a journey. These things will help you open the door to consumers.

It all comes down to strategy, planning and consistency.

Here are five ideas to create values-based marketing.


1. Clearly state your Not For Profit’s mission, core values and strategic goals.

Have these three essential points highlighted on your website, regularly highlighted on your socials and ad campaigns? Let these become pillars of your content strategy and be consistent in your marketing. The trick here though is not to do it in business-speak and just list these things but to communicate in everyday engaging language. For example, “At X we value transparency so here’s an infographic with our key stats.”

[If you have not revisited your mission, core values and goals in some time it might be just the moment to do that – reach out to our team on how to go about this].

2. Create visual, human interest stories.

Give consumers a visual sneak peek at something real. Real people. True stories. Good old-fashioned storytelling. Let your service users speak for you. Whether it’s case studies, video testimonials, video blogs include a visual element in a values-based marketing campaign. Build consistent stories into your content calendar and relate these back to your mission and values.

3. Articulate how your supporters contribute to achieving the strategic goals.

Consumers want to know where their supporter dollars are being spent and to what impact. They’re happy to contribute if they know their dollars will help achieve a value-aligned goal. Show exactly where their contributions – financial or otherwise (volunteering, being advocates, sharing information) is helping to achieve.

[Don’t skip over this point – from our research, 60% of consumers say that knowing where and how a NFP spends money helps them choose which NFP to support.]

4. Translate your Not For Profit’s BIG mission into micro-steps every ideal supporter can make.

It’s overwhelming thinking about ‘ending hunger’. But when translated into a simple, everyday action it becomes easily digestible and relatable to your ideal supporter.

5.Use easy-to-understand, emotive words.

When you’re crafting a values-based marketing campaign, make sure to speak directly to your ideal supporter in plain and simple English. Use emotional-based copy and visuals to be remembered but don’t get too convoluted with your message – keep it simple.


Bottom line?

Consumers do not want to be “sold” to or have a celebrity (clearly paid) influencer tell them whom to support.

Instead, they want to make decisions based on value-aligned, real and relevant information.

To start the conversation on how you can make your NFP be seen, acknowledged by consumers and supported, reach out to our team today.

[About the research: Independent research of 2,000 Australians occurred between 23 February 2021 and 2 March 2021, via the Pollfish platform. Email us at for a copy of the report.]

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