Give Your Marketing Team Back Their Sanity

March 15, 2021

Although your day-to-day may be somewhat different in 2021 – customers still want to connect with your services and revenue is definitely still available.

That means your marketing team is running to [over] capacity in a bid to stay visible, accessible and relevant to your market. So the prospect of adding yet another project to their to-do list would be cause for walkouts!

Now is the time to consider partnering with a marketing consultancy (like our team at We Are Savvy).

Here’s why:

You’ll Save Time and Money

Instead of investing six figures in a full-time marketing team member – and hoping that one person has the know-how, experience and strategic kudos to create, plan and implement the mother of all marketing strategies – you can decide to mix it up.

By partnering with a marketing consultancy for a specific project or service you will spend considerably less than a full-time marketing team member’s salary.

With expert eyes working on your brand and business, you’ll be able to achieve more in less time with the consultant working to specific goals and outcomes.

You Benefit From A Consultant’s Strategic Experience

Right now, many young marketing teams don’t have the necessary strategic experience to navigate a changing market.

Some mature marketing teams don’t have the time or manpower and other teams [like within not-for-profits or smaller businesses] don’t have the budget for a full-time strategic marketer to join the ranks.

By partnering with a marketing consultancy like We Are Savvy, your team and business benefit massively from our combined strategic experience, skills and ideas that otherwise would not be available.

You Take Out The Guess Work

When you engage a marketing consultant at a strategic level, your team can access a specific set of skills, ideas and services that are often missing from a general marketing team, or one lonely marketing manager.

That’s because consultants (who work with a team of service providers) have done the hard work, and already employed some pretty awesome people who happen to be skilled to the skies and nail their part in any project.

Instead of playing the guessing game with a new hire or adding yet another thing to your marketing manager’s shoulders, hoping it gets done – a savvy consultant can set about creating and implementing multiple strategies at one time using the collective experience of their curated team of experts.

Experienced and highly skilled Strategists, Copywriters, Digital Marketers, Graphic Designers, Project Managers: They’re all available to you when you partner with a marketing consultancy.

You Gain A Coach

An exceptional marketing consultant with the experience and know-how to lead an initiative will be able to coach, mentor and guide your team through the entirety of the project. At the end of your project, your team will have enjoyed a serious dose of upskilling and may be able to handle the next initiative without the services of a consultant.


So why not access a collective hive of experience and ideas to support your marketing objectives for 2021/22?

To start the conversation on how a consultancy like ours can help your business, get in touch.

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