Why A Customer Focused Marketing Will Grow Your Insurance Business

July 28, 2022

We’ve all got that one friend that pops up predictably once a year when they reach out to say hi. At first you’re chuffed, but then surprise surprise, they actually just want something from you. Not cool.

Some Insurance Brokers are the same. Around renewal time customers receive a cheerful email and a ‘how you doin’?’ then as soon as they’ve dutifully signed on the dotted line… Nothing. Talk about ghosted!

But for every fair-weather Insurance Broker, there’s another kind. If you are the other kind you know that when you consistently communicate with your existing and target customers you will grow your insurance business.

The reason I know so much about this, is because I once felt ghosted by my (former) Insurance Broker. It was the same story every year. I was a dependable set-and-forget customer who didn’t ponder our relationship status too much until…I discovered how it was meant to be.

My (new) Insurance Broker was proactive even before I became a client. I received regular communications via email or text providing updates on the sector, helpful tips, reminders and advice. I felt like a valued customer because I was treated like one and became loyal to the business. I started to recommend my communicative and customer-focused Insurance Broker to friends and family. This is part of how successful Insurance Brokers grow their business.

Where you need to start if you want to grow your insurance business

If on reflection you feel you may be considered a fair-weather Insurance Broker, never fear, here are some essential tips on how to get more customers and grow your insurance business:

  • Send a personal birthday email with a 10% discount on goods or services from another business in your local community (ideally another client of yours).
  • Reach out with advice related to your Insurance Products, suggestions include: a reminder to check smoke alarm batteries before Winter and Updating your business or home security systems before going away on holiday.
  • Send a monthly (or quarterly) newsletter and offer a random prize for customer referrals.
  • Communicate with your customers when things happen in their lives. This might be a weather event such as a major flood, drought or bushfire, or economic events such as an interest rate rise or insurance premium rate rise. This lets your customers know they remain your primary focus in times of change and uncertainty.
  • Make a call. A quick chat over the phone can go a long way towards building customer loyalty.

To avoid being ghosted by your existing and potential customers, let We Are Savvy work with you on a Marketing and Communications strategy designed to grow your insurance business.  We know insurance, with over 15 years’ industry experience, and we’re here to help. Get in touch.

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