Harnessing Financial Year-End Urgency: How to Tailor Your Marketing Messages for Maximum Impact

May 7, 2024

The end of the financial year is not just a time for financial reporting and budgeting – it’s also a significant opportunity for businesses to capitalise on consumer behaviour and drive sales. By leveraging the urgency inherent in EOFY, businesses can finish the year on a high note, driving engagement and boosting sales.

Here are several options to help you enhance your EOFY marketing.


To encourage clients to buy, renew, or give, get personal 

You know your clients and you know what they need so utilise your client data to personalise your marketing communications. Tailor recommendations based on past interactions or expressed interests to make messages more relevant and compelling. Personalised reminders about EOFY opportunities significantly boost engagement and support from clients.

“Personalising our communications is crucial for customer engagement. By using consumer data to recommend relevant products and services you can send personalised EOFY deal reminders. These will significantly boost conversions and drive sales.” – Caroline Healy, CEO We Are Savvy


Highlight the tax advantages of taking action now

Educate your customers about the tax advantages of making purchases, accessing your services, or providing a donation before the financial year closes. Highlight how buying now can offer financial benefits such as tax deductions or credits. For businesses, promote big-ticket items or capital investments that can be written off before the year ends. For NFPs, the tax-time fundraising campaign is the biggest of the year because of the unique opportunity it presents. By acting now, donations not only support important causes but also come with added tax benefits. It’s a win-win!


Boost EOFY sales with urgency tactics

Create urgency with time-limited promotions and early bird specials. Utilise countdown timers, specify deadlines and offer exclusive pricing or benefits for early purchases. Phrases like “Offer ends 30 June” or “Sign up before 30 June for 20% off” prompt swift action from eager customers. Emphasise limited-time discounts or exclusive services available only until the fiscal year-end. Real-time alerts of recent commitments and limited availability tap into the fear of missing out, encouraging immediate action.


Use the power of social proof 

Ever noticed how we’re drawn to what others have? That’s where social proof comes in—amplifying urgency in your marketing. Your treasure trove of Google reviews and client feedback is gold here. Sprinkle positive testimonials in your emails, web quotes, and social posts. Show how others, just like your clients, love what you offer and choose your services


By implementing these strategies effectively, businesses can leverage the end of financial year period to create urgency, drive sales, and capitalise on consumer motivations before the fiscal year ends. Tailoring promotions and messages to align with EOFY themes can make a significant impact on engagement and conversion rates during this critical seasonal event.

If you need strategic marketing or communications advice or services to maximise your EOFY campaigns, contact us at Let’s ensure your marketing strategy goes above and beyond!

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