How Marketing Drives Optimism And Helps You With Your Business Goals

September 5, 2022

Do you remember 2021? Optimism was the buzzword. After the pandemic, everyone in business was talking about how to face the future with an optimistic approach.

Here at We Are Savvy we were talking about optimism, long before it was cool! We believe that every business should consider how to generate optimism, and that this is a key ingredient when creating any marketing. Demonstrating optimism has the power to convey energy and positively influence your clients, ultimately driving growth. How? Let’s drill down into specifics and find out how marketing drives optimism, helping you with your business goals.

Why marketing energises your team and how to use it in your business

Great marketing generates emotions and feelings that energise people and drive behaviours. If you are thinking about how to engage your community to buy your service, start with your team first. No, we don’t mean to persuade your team to buy from you… but energise your team so they share this energy with customers. How do you go about it?

Ensure your people know your brand – what your company stands for. Make them part of the play. Educate them on your goals and how they personally deliver your brand promise through customer service.

Communicate regularly. Have a plan for internal communications, marketing and employee engagement that creates a sense of optimism, enjoyment, and team. Consider running team activities, competitions and providing non-financial rewards alongside updating them on goals and performance. An afternoon of lawn bowls or mini golf can help build relationships, give people a chance to have discussions they normally wouldn’t and just take a break from the computer or a customer.

Your people are the true face of your brand so when they feel good and optimistic, they’ll share this with customers.

How marketing drives optimism: creating the word of mouth with your clients

Have you witnessed or done something cool lately? Did that have a positive impact on you? Did you talk about it with your friends and family?

Now, think about this from a business perspective. How do you create a positive experience for your clients so they can get excited and talk about it? Here’s what you can do:

1. Run a competition to engage your clients enticing them to share on their social feeds. This will organically increase your exposure to profiles that are in your client’s network so potentially a great fit for your business.

2. Host a webinar sharing useful information or giving freebies. Connect with the participants afterwards and keep giving them useful information that can help solve their problems via email or social media. This will help generate positive thoughts about you and your business so they come to you when their problems arise.

3. Simply get out there! Create some FOMO. Promote consistently on social media and through other relevant channels your business successes. Positivity and success create excitement and a fear of missing out. It will prompt your current and potential new clients to want to be part of the success.

Why optimism influences consumers’ behaviors and how to use it in your favour

There’s plenty of evidence that suggests that optimism is great for clients and people in general. In particular, research from Hearts found out that people subjected to an optimistic influence respond 18% more favourably to brands they see advertised.

So, use the optimism variable in your marketing plan. Frame your marketing initiative driving optimism keeping in mind that clients with a positive state of mind will be more prone to purchase your product or service.

At We Are Savvy we are passionate strategists and can help you work out how to drive optimism with your marketing and keep your clients engaged. Get in touch via today.

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