How to be marketing-savvy in 2021 

January 11, 2021

2020 kicked us around a bit, but the tides have turned and that means bouncing back with a ‘boing’ in 2021 and using marketing, brand and communication strategies to reach your business goals.

There are many reasons why you should continue to invest in marketing after the challenge of 2020, here are a few.

Start the year standing out

Your competitors are vying for the same customers. Start the year matching them, even better, reaching and influencing your mutual customers first. 2020 taught us to keep up with emerging trends and changes in your industry to identify opportunities or risks to your brand and business, and then adapt before you customers do.

The impact if you don’t start the year ahead or on equal footing is that your competitors stand out and better meet customer expectations. So, your competitors continue to be remembered and build a positive reputation, which could result in a loss of customers for your business.

Marketing to generate revenue

Surplus cash are two words that seem too rare to even whisper, even more so for some industries given the impact of the Victoria lockdown.

While marketing budgets are often one of the first to be tightened, before you decide to cut or borrow from your marketing budget in 2021, consider these two questions. Where does my sales and revenue come from? Customers. How do I attract customers? Marketing.

Tell people you’re open for business

By continuing your marketing, it sends an important signal that you’re a strong, reliable business who is still open to service and work with customers. Marketing will help remind customers who may not have been engaging in 2020 due to their circumstances that you are here, and give them comfort that they can still trust you and your products/ services.

2021 is a fresh start

2020 made us stop, made us adapt and made us different, but 2021 can be a fresh start. Thankfully life and business is getting back to normal and we know we can adapt if we need. So remember, continuing marketing investment will put you ahead of the game and set you on the right path for a prosperous and productive year.

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