A List Of Tips On How To Build A Loyal Customer Base

May 23, 2022

What is that product or service that you love and have been buying from the same place for years? Can you explain why you buy it from there? Take a few seconds to think…

Do you think much about the price you pay and would you change to something similar?

If you have answered no to the last two questions, don’t worry you haven’t been subconsciously hypnotised by the Pied Piper. You are simply loyal to the business that provides this great product or service.

Customer loyalty measures a customer’s willingness to keep purchasing the same product or service from the same company. It’s a crucial element for business success, as repeat customers are more profitable than new ones, and retaining customers is five times cheaper than recruiting new ones. (Businessnewsdaily).

So given all this goodness, how to build a loyal customer base? Here are our three top tips:

  • Keep tone, voice, and language consistent. This will help you connect with your clients and create the foundation for a great customer experience.
  • Choose the right communication channels. Establish which communication platform your clients prefer and keep the communication alive with them.
  • Seek customer feedback. Learn about your customer’s desires to make them come true and increase customer satisfaction.

How keeping tone, voice, and language consistent, will help you build a loyal customer base

Start with the intangible elements. Define your brand personality and create a brand with a strong identity, maintaining consistency in your tone, voice, and language. This will  help you:

1. Stand out from the crowd and connect with them.

2. Meet customer expectations so they have a memorable customer experience when purchasing your product or service.

Remember, price is relative, focus on connection and customer satisfaction instead. Once your clients have tried and enjoyed what you offer they will come back for more! You then need to keep on communicating with them using the right channels.

How to build a loyal customer base: discover your client’s favourite channel of communication

Competition is high so if you want to stay top of mind with your customers you need to keep the dialogue alive and consistent. Understand how your customers prefer to communicate and get the conversation going. Social Media? The good old Email? Even a phone call?

Social Media. The choice is endless here! There are many platforms and you need to choose according to what you offer and your customer demographic. For example, if you are communicating to younger tribes Instagram or Tik Tok is the best option, whereas LinkedIn is more suited for B2B communications. Use Social media to engage with existing customers publicly, reach new ones and increase brand awareness. A consistent presence helps to keep you front of mind.

Emails. Email works great if your clients don’t like scrolling too much, you have a large amount of information to share, or when they are short on time so don’t engage on social channels. It’s a direct and highly customisable way to communicate and works great when you want to inform your customers about specific things privately.

Phone call. Calling your customers requires resources, but the value and connection that you’ll create is well worth it. Having a conversation allows you to explore a variety of topics in one go, ask questions and learn more about what your customer’s needs and wants are. This will result in you delivering more tailored services to your customers and creating loyalty.

The secret tool that will help you improve loyalty: Customer feedback!

To keep your clients loyal you need to understand what they want, so seek customers’ feedback regularly as part of your communications.

Don’t wait for the feedback to happen. Put in place systems to actively ask for clients’ feedback whether by SMS, phone call, or email. Ask as many questions as possible trying to understand your client’s needs, expectations, and dreams and how you can improve their life with your product or service.

At We are Savvy we are passionate strategists and can help you work out how to build a loyal customer base and keep your brand message alive.

Get in touch via to talk about how we can help you stand out from the crowd and keep your clients loyal to your business.

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