How To Effectively Outsource Marketing: A guide For Business Owners

May 1, 2023

So, you have asked for advice, searched on Google, read reviews, and finally picked the marketing wizards that will help you achieve your goals. Excited? You should be!
Hiring an external marketing agency has many advantages and will help you achieve more output with less inputs. But you have to do it correctly.

Yes, because outsourcing your marketing is like any other business relationship: you need to follow solid protocols to achieve the best outcome. So, here’s our guide for business owners on how to effectively outsource marketing.

1. Outsourcing your marketing effectively starts with picking the right professionals 

Before going into the specifics of how to effectively outsource marketing, it’s worth taking a step back and talking about how to choose the best fit.

When you are selecting a provider, ensure that you consider professionals who have expertise in your industry. They will be the most qualified people who can help you get the best return on your marketing investments. Check their website, case studies, and Google reviews to find out if they have helped other businesses like yours archive their marketing goals.

Are you an insurance broker? Then insurance marketing experts will better understand your industry, your clients, and your goals and how to craft your communications. You will “speak the same language”, and it will be easier for you to reach those marketing KPIs.

Do you operate in the not-for-profit or government space? Who better than an NFP marketing expert will be able to understand your core mission and help you win the hearts of the public?

When researching for a provider, ensure that your marketing consultants have solid marketing strategy skills. This is pivotal to the delivery of impactful marketing that will achieve your business objectives.

2. Define expectations: costs, deliverables, strategy and techniques

A good relationship is built if there is trust on both sides. Trust, in turn, can only grow if expectations are clear from the beginning. So, ensure that you and your marketing partner agree on:

1. Costs and obligations. Both parties need to agree on costs and obligations that come with initiating the business relationship. Ensure these are clearly defined in a contract or service agreement.

2. Deliverables. Together with your marketing partner, determine what you want to achieve with your marketing and by when. This should sound something like “To increase clients by 5% by the end of FY24”. Ensure that the marketing goals are measurable, and relevant to your overall business objectives ..

3. Strategy and action. Ensure that you and your marketing partner agree on a strategy that will help specify how to achieve your marketing goals. This will include many variables: branding, audiences, key focus areas and ensuring both parties understand and agree on an action plan

3. Treat your outsourcing partner as a member of your team

Establish regular communication with your marketing agency or consultant, whether online or face-to-face. This will ensure that:

1. You stay updated on the progress of the marketing activities and campaigns.

2. They stay informed about your business objectives and drivers

3. You are able to discuss new ideas

4. You have the chance to give them feedback

Ask them to provide you with quarterly performance reports. The reports need to show progress against KPIs and outline what are the next steps on achieving your marketing goals.

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