Insurance Marketing Tips That Will Help You To Stand out

August 1, 2022

I bet the first thing you did today after opening your inbox was to delete direct marketing (AKA junk) emails. Through COVID, email comms increased by over 250%, that’s a lot of junk!

Junk is a relative term though, right? We’re all busy and will generally make a split-second decision as to which emails we deem worthy of our time to open, read and potentially act upon.

What I value will differ from you, naturally; but in the highly commoditised and competitive world of Insurance Broking, there are common traits of effective insurance marketing emails that increase the likelihood that they are opened and read, rather than dismissed and deleted. In this article we are going to talk about how to write an effective email, give you general insurance marketing tips and also highlight mistakes to avoid when communicating with you clients. Let’s dive in.

Use tailored emails to demonstrate your industry expertise, passion, and personality

Let’s start our insurance marketing tips with “differentiate yourself”. In my 15 years of industry experience I have learned that for many insurance brokers it’s easy to rely on the content provided by Clusters to push out regular content to customers. A major downside is that these often take the form of templated e-newsletters. Just think, each month 200 or so brokers send the same communication to the same type of people so there’s overlap….makes you cringe a little doesn’t it?

The best insurance marketing is targeted and differentiated so your existing and potential customers can see who YOU are, and what YOUR business does.

Tailoring messaging demonstrates your industry expertise and passion. While adding in your personality makes emails more enticing, whereas the carbon-copy comms from your competitors get binned. It’s as simple as that.

What is it about your business that makes you stand out from competitors? You might have a background in property or trades or farming insurance, a team-member from the finance industry or a special interest in income-protection. Whatever it is, it’s worth talking about.

Insurance marketing tips: how to write a tailored email and engage your audiences on social media

Write in a warm, witty and conversational tone. Use insurance jargon sparingly for maximum impact. Sure, utilise contentfrom your Cluster newsletter but tinker with headings, images and messaging to let your personality shine through. Marketing is only effective if it reflects your customer’s interests and needs. While this may take up more of your time, the quality of your communication will skyrocket and you’ll ultimately reap the reward for your effort.

It’s not just email. Customers will happily engage with your content on social media. Well-chosen images, videos and music can sell your business more effectively than words alone. Humour is the ultimate salesperson. Funny insurance memes, YouTube videos on topics of interest, and your own content are awesome insurance marketing ideas in 2022. Underneath all that colour and movement should be your consistent and repetitive brand While they’re laughing at a hilarious insurance meme, they need to remember it was you that sent it.

We Are Savvy can help your Insurance Broking business get ahead of the competition. Forget the cookie-cutter newsletter, we will work with you to design a marketing and communications strategy to make every customer of your business feel valued. Don’t wing it, our experts know Insurance, and we’re here to assist you. Call Caroline on 0411 010 090 today.

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