Integrate your marketing to get bang for buck

August 5, 2020

Series 4: Marketing for today’s changing world

Now that some parts of the country have been thrust into an even stricter lockdown, more than ever businesses are asking how to maximise their marketing investment.

One key piece of advice we tell clients is to integrate your marketing. What this means is ensuring each marketing activity you do complements other marketing activities. It also means that each activity has a clear purpose so your marketing is not competing against each other. Integration is about delivering the same message, tone and look to maximise your marketing impact and reach and deliver a consistent experience for customers.

Here are some quick tips on how to integrate your marketing:

  1. Align content
    Ensure content across different channels is aligned, yet tailored for different audiences. So if a customer reads a message on a social channel and links to your website they are having a consistent experience.
  2. Consistency
    Ensure your brand identity is consistent across all channels, again, so a customer has a consistent experience and learns to recognise your business and its offers.
  3. Website
    Instead of shop fronts, websites are now the first touchpoint for many people searching for services from home. Think about your website content and make sure it is optimised with keywords so businesses can find you in a Google search. Think about how to drive people to your website through SEO or activate your Google My Business profile to help your business’s search ranking.
  4. Social media
    Connect your social media activity with your relationship-building activities. For example, in our business, we engage and share on LinkedIn to build our reach and credibility. We align this with our networking (currently virtual) where we focus on connections and building relationships through networking meetings, 1:1 meeting, and follow up relationship-based emails.

Integrating your marketing doesn’t mean you have to do everything or be everywhere. It just means that all activities should have a purpose and complement each other with clear and consistent messages.

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