Moving from challenge to creativity

June 24, 2020

Series 1: Marketing for today’s changing world

Over the past few months we’ve seen businesses adapt to ensure customers can access services in some way, shape or form. Many businesses and brands quickly realised that in order to survive they needed to change the way they operate their business and find new ways to engage customers.

Some examples include medical services being delivered via telehealth, 5-star dining experiences at home with cooking tutorials and wine, and VET clinics introducing headsets so pet owners can participate in pet check-ups from the car.

The rise of creativity

To combat the “challenge” brought by COVID there’s been an abundance of business “creativity”. This is providing business solutions, solving customer problems and creating opportunities. We haven’t seen this level of creativity  in our normal environment for some time. Businesses previously hid behind either real or perceived boundaries. For example, the “it’s not our policy”, compliance, cost and general fear of change excuses.

This new burst of creative thinking is putting some businesses ahead of competitors. They are doing this by keeping customers and money coming through the real, or virtual door, and making businesses memorable.

What does this mean for your marketing? 


Such a simple statement but a hard thing to do, especially given the increase in content being pushed to customers over the past few months.

First think about the idea – it can be big or small but something that helps tie content together, and tell a story that helps you stand out.

Here are some practical tips to help you stand out in a crowded environment:

  • Create action-oriented content where the user has to do something
  • Use a consistent tagline
  • Create a character or persona

Create content that is:

  1. Relevant – Is your audience interested? If you don’t know, ask them. If not, why are you posting it?
  2. Engaging – A headline is sometimes all you have. Keep it short, sharp and no jargon.
  3. Clever –  Look for a play on words or something that matches what’s currently going on in your customers’ world.

How we do this for our clients

One We Are Savvy client is a self-confessed “numbers nerd”, so we are bringing this persona to life in blogs.

Using a persona allows us to be more relaxed in the language we use while still maintaining credibility. It also helps make the blogs easier to read, which is important as many people find financial information dry and confusing. This persona also aligns with the business personality, so it’s authentic and customers can get a sense of the business.

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