On creating good content and standing out

July 24, 2020

Series 3:  Marketing for today’s changing world

Life at home these past few months has meant an increase in consuming content, particularly online content. It appears that businesses are seeing renewed value in social content with Twitter seeing 23% more daily users than a year ago and Hootsuite reporting a 15-20% increase in posts from their 18 million users.

In addition to this, Hubspot reported:

  • Active interactions – messaging and live chat – are performing 26% above pre-COVID weekly averages.
  • Open rates on marketing emails have risen.
  • Marketers sent 27% more emails than pre-COVID.

Businesses are using content and direct engagement through social or digital channels to try to create more personal connections, or an integrated customer experience. So, while all this content is great for the consumer because they have variety, choice and as much information as they like, it makes it harder for businesses to stand out and stay in people’s feeds.

What does this mean for your marketing?


If Aussies are getting restless and craving some connection, then treat your customers like people.

In your marketing, try to:

  • Humanise your business, your products and services.
  • Move from needing perfection to a focus on authenticity.

Now is the time to make sure that your customer experience and marketing creates a personal connection with audiences. None of us want to feel like a number.

Here are a few simple ideas you can do to personalise your content:

  • Tag customers and thank them for their business on your social channels.
  • Make sure client communication has their name on in it.
  • Trade in the email for the phone or a video call – yes it may take some extra time, but it’s likely to have a better impact.
  • Change your language – speak or write like you would to your mum, you can still be professional but you don’t need to be formal in marketing
  • Celebrate life events. At the right time, think about events, face-to-face connection will be important.
  • Ask customers to create content for you.

Post a quick picture on your socials. This could be a picture of a workshop, a selfie with a client using your product or experiencing your services, a joint blog with a client,  a weekly wrap of thanking the week’s clients, or a client competition encouraging them to post photos, videos or comments.

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