Savvy New Year Resolutions

January 4, 2021

The new year means making easy and meaningful changes to your marketing to make your life easier! Here are a few Savvy New Year Resolutions to pop on your list.

Create or update your strategy

Starting the year with a strategy puts you ahead of the game. It will help you link every marketing decision to a business goal. Without a marketing strategy, you can easily end up with marketing that doesn’t create an impact. So, get together with your team to create or update your marketing strategy.

Follow a plan

There’s no use in having a goal if you don’t have a plan to reach it. Using, Asana or the like will help you schedule marketing activities so that you are consistently reaching out to your audience groups with the right message at the right time.

Involve others

Let 2021 be a year of engagement. People are the ultimate source of knowledge – whether that’s your customers, team or wider organisation. Get them involved in your marketing, and let them help shape your strategy, activities and content. It will result in more authentic and impactful marketing.

Measure your marketing 

Diarise monthly reporting! It’s easy to avoid and then get a few months into the year without knowing what’s working or not! Easy metrics include Google Analytics, qualitative and quantitative questions to customers/staff, or reviewing sales. Don’t waste the year doing things that are having an impact.

Shut down channels 

Shut down any marketing channels that are no longer active so your business doesn’t look unprofessional or dated when someone stumbles across them. It can also save you money, if they are a subscription-based service or platform.

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