The Power Of Engagement: How To Drive Referrals Through Client Relationships

September 4, 2023

We love referrals! And if you are a business owner, we’re sure you love them too! They are among the oldest, most cost-effective, and powerful ways to gain new clients and boost revenue.

Referrals don’t really just happen though, they are created through word-of-mouth. They happen when happy and satisfied clients remember you and your service that they talk about you with others, creating new interest in the services you provide. This may look casual and the result of just doing a good job, but referrals are most likely to happen as the result of a structured process.

To entice your happy client to refer you to others, indeed, you need to engage them, and make sure they don’t forget who you are. For this, you need effective marketing. So here’s how to drive referrals through engagement and client relationships—aka effective marketing.    

A list of tips on how to drive referrals with marketing

1. Personalise your communications

1. Are you writing a newsletter for your clients? Great! Include their names and ensure the content is relevant to them!

2. Have you seen some content which a client has created that you feel is a great fit for your audience? Ask to share it or repost it.

3. Schedule face to face meetings. There’s nothing more personal than connecting over a coffee and looking someone in the eye, sharing a laugh and a conversation of value. Face to face meetings and events will add a layer of personalisation that can’t be matched elsewhere. Here too it’s easier to ask a client to refer you, and harder for them to say no.

Personalise your message and build a genuine connection to show that you value them beyond a transaction nor a sale. This bond not only keeps your clients loyal but also encourages them to introduce others to your brand.

2. Communicate consistently 

Staying connected is essential to keeping that engagement going and boosting referrals, because it helps clients to remember your brand.

So, share updates, industry insights, and exciting news regularly with your clients. Use tools, newsletters, emails, or social media, and engage in conversation both publicly and privately. This will make clients feel valued and will keep your business front of mind when their friends or relatives need a service like the one you offer.

3. Swift problem resolution and building trust

Hiccups happen, but it’s how you respond that counts. So address any issues with your clients promptly and efficiently. This will demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction and they’ll be more likely to recommend your services to those in their network.

4. Share knowledge 

Position yourself as a source of knowledge and a leader in your sector. Offer resources like webinars, guides, and insightful content that gives your clients tips and empowers them. Your expertise will prompt them to share newfound wisdom with their connections.

5. Get Feedback

Open channels for feedback and truly listen. For example if you receive a negative review or comment on your social media, engage with the client to show that you care about  solving their problem and you value their input. Remember clients will recommend to others companies that care about their satisfaction so you need to be one of them!

6. Celebrate milestones

Celebrate your clients’ achievements publicly. Feature them in newsletters, on social media, or during appreciation events. This recognition fosters a sense of belonging and motivates them to refer others who deserve to share the spotlight.

7. Create a referral culture

Cultivate a culture of referrals within your engaged client base. Encourage them to share their positive experiences with those around them. Provide incentives for successful referrals like a special offer, free tools or guidelines.  This will turn clients into enthusiastic advocates!

At We Are Savvy, we love seeing businesses reach their goals. We have been creating effective marketing for over twenty years. If you want to know more about how marketing helps you boost referrals and require professional support, get in touch via

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