Key questions to support crisis communication

March 17, 2020

Coronavirus is the crisis every business is currently dealing with in one way or another. _We Are Savvy believe communication is vital in managing any crisis so we’d like to share our tips to help you proactively manage your communication with clients and employees.

What is your message?

Understand your position on key topics, and create clear, concise and consistent messages. Address what’s important to your business, your clients and employees. Share your key messages (template) with employees so they can communicate consistently with clients and suppliers.

Is your business capable of living up to the message?

Where required, change and test business processes before communicating them. Make sure your business can deliver what it says it can. This is key, and often the difference between those businesses who move positively through a crisis and those who don’t.

What are the best channels to reach your audiences?

Email is great for mass communication but don’t forget personal contact and connections. Think about how you integrate phone or video conferences or webinars, and when and what is appropriate on social media. Think broadly in terms of channels. People will be bombarded with information so you may need a new way to stand out – signs, posters, letters, What’s App, voicemail just to name a few.

Have you reviewed your marketing or advertising?

Don’t forget to look at your immediate and longer-term advertising plan. Are your upcoming marketing activities still appropriate or do you need to alter the creative design or message? Remember ongoing investment in marketing, no matter how small, will help keep you front of mind.

Have the communications been reviewed appropriately?

A second set of eyes is key when we are working quickly and somewhat reactively, so get someone else to review communications for appropriateness and accuracy.

What’s the long-term plan?

This crisis will continue to impact businesses for some time so plan regular check-in points to review your communications and marketing. Think about when it’s time to change your message and invest in marketing to let customers know you are open for business!

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