3 Marketing Tips To help You Drive Client Connections

October 5, 2022

It’s a crowded advertising world out there. Very crowded. Businesses spend thousands of dollars filling up our newsfeeds, radios, websites and TV with “recommendations” that are supposed to make our life better and cooler!

Meanwhile clients – people, humans, you and I – crave connection. Particularly when it comes to services businesses who generally sell something intangible.

This is why services marketing must create connections with people and then provide solutions to problems, aka “selling” a service. Easier said than done you are thinking…we got you. Read our three practical marketing tips to help you drive client connections.

Practical tips to help you drive client connections

         1. Use real people in your marketing.

People connect with people. So ask your employees and clients to be involved in your marketing and communications. Adding an authentic human touch to content whether through socials, video testimonials, blogs or case studies, will have a big impact. That’s because people like real stories about real people.

Whenever you are using employees or clients, ensure the content is kept real. Let them speak in their words and use minimal editing. For written content, recreate clients’ problems in their words and tone. Highlight how your business helped them and others like them find solutions.

        2. Personalise communications

“Dear Sir / Madam” and “To whom it may concern” are definite no-nos. As are the more modern versions of “Hello” or “Hey there”. You must go to the effort of knowing people’s names and using them in personal communications. When you don’t it shows that you don’t really care, that the person is just part of a numbers game.

In social media, you can personalise by considering things like:

  • Tagging customers when a post is really relevant for them.
  • Getting selfies with clients when they are experiencing your services
  • Engaging with your clients when you receive feedback on your social pages. Use this to establish conversions. Remember every comment on your posts is potentially an open door for a new connection! 

    3. Verbal communication is still king or queen

No matter how great digital marketing tools out there are, there’s nothing like a good old conversation. So don’t let the cat get your tongue! In services businesses, you need to talk with clients.

Plan regular catch-ups. Whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone or online, schedule regular conversations with clients to ask how business is going. A conversation enables you to uncover more information from a client and understand what changes they are experiencing, and how you are performing and generally build a better rapport.

Consider holding events too. They are a great way to connect, acknowledge milestones, and provide networking opportunities for your clients.

When you incorporate ways to build relationships with clients in your marketing and communication activities, your clients will connect with your brand. They will become loyal to your brand rather than only to a service or product.

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