Effective Tips To Prepare Your Business For The Holiday Season

December 1, 2022

The holiday season is fast approaching! The time for a well deserved “switch-off” is close!

And if you are a business owner or marketing leader you know that while (maybe…) you will have a few days off, your business never sleeps!

In the past few weeks, you have probably been busy managing your company’s Christmas marketing campaign and planning your client’s Christmas gifts. Maybe even the office’s Secret Santa…

But now there is another important task: you need to ensure your marketing is ready for the Christmas closure. Where to start?

Here are three effective marketing tips to prepare your business for the holiday season.

Review your marketing plan: the first step when preparing your business for the holiday season

In the new year you’ll want to hit the ground running, keep momentum moving to ensure that you continue to attract and retain clients. No business can afford to lose this vital time and this means making easy and meaningful decisions about your marketing that will help you achieve your business goals. How?

1. Create or review your marketing strategy
End this year by creating a marketing strategy or reviewing your existing one. Or at the very least have a review planned for early in the new year. Your marketing strategy is crucial when it comes to integrating your marketing activities so they have the best impact.

If you leave the review till Jan then it could be Feb or March before you start implementing changes, this only gives you a quarter to achieve your marketing goals before the end of the financial year. So you need to know now what’s working and what’s not to give yourself the best chance of success.

2. Adapt your action plan
A strategy review will help you think about how you need to adapt your marketing plan over the holidays and summer months. Even without a full strategy review we recommend that our clients adapt their marketing plan for what’s happening or likely to happen in the environment.

For example, is the changing weather going to result in more or less business for you? Do you need more or less social posts or digital advertising or what could this mean for any events that are planned?

To help stick to your marketing plan we recommend project management software like or Asana to decide “who does what and by when” and so that you can adapt as you go.

How to make the most of your social media channels during the holiday season

During the Christmas break your office may be closed but your clients – current and potential – will still be on social media. They may use this time to do some research and start some of their own planning for 2023. So you need to ensure that you keep your business communication and marketing going throughout this period.

Ensure someone in your team will manage your social media accounts, checking and responding to posts’ comments and potential clients’ inquiries while your business is closed.

If you don’t have this option, create customer automated responses and get back to the client’s queries as soon as you can.

How to prepare your business for potential crisis communications

Ever heard about Murphy’s law? When you prepare your business for the holiday season ensure you include an action plan to put in place if something goes wrong.

A natural disaster, fire, theft or a cyber hack impacts your business? With many of the team on holidays how will your business respond quickly and appropriately to ensure you minimise any reputation damage. Whatever may occur, designate someone to be “on call” should something happen. Ensure that you have a crisis communications plan that will help the team to manage unforeseen events. It should include: :

1. Points of contact – both internal and external support resources (e.g. like a We Are Savvy style consultancy who always has people on call over the holidays)
2. Actions to resolve the problem.
2. T tools to use, including passwords and access to communication channels

If you need to create standard operating procedures that they can follow, so they are guided through the process while the rest of the team is sipping a pina colada at the beach. (aka even when no one is in the office).

Get in touch via to talk about how we can help you kick off the new year with marketing that has an impact.

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