Using what’s uniquely you to stand out

February 28, 2022

While being a trusted adviser in service industries such as insurance is essential, it’s not a differentiator and customers expect more. So, to maximise your marketing activities and ensure that your business gets noticed by customers you need to find a way to stand out.

To create marketing that gets noticed by the right people you need to know your brand promise and personality. You need to think beyond being a trusted adviser, or offering peace of mind, and focus on what makes you unique.

To help get you started follow these tips.

1. Identify your personality.

Do research to find out what makes your business unique. Consider this through the eyes of customers, employees, and your broader network. What’s makes you appealing to them? Is it a boldness in getting the job done? Or approachability in making people feel at home? Or your expertise in a specific market?

A great place to start is a desktop audit of your marketing versus competitor’s marketing activities. This will provide you with insights into your personality and what makes you different. If possible, ask customers for direct feedback.

2. Embrace your personality.

Once you know more about your personality don’t be afraid to use it in your marketing. Your combination of personality traits is a gem and it gives you a pizzaz that others can’t easily copy so use it and be proud.

From social posts to blogs, newsletters, and everyday meetings, show your customers and potential customers what makes you great. What makes you different. Why you are not only the trusted adviser but the people they want to be in business with.  Your personality may come out in the form of content, language, tone, images, colour, or action. Whatever it is, ensure it authentically shows your personality, and is not the insurance norm. And, don’t forget to be personal in your marketing activities.

3. Demonstrate your business prowess.

Within your marketing, including networking and business development another ingredient is key. Demonstrate your expertise, your knowledge, and skills. Perhaps through blogs, webinars, or sales calls. Show your clients and potential clients what you know and understand about their industry and business and explain insurance in everyday language.

Together, your unique personality plus your individual experience and knowledge will help your marketing and business to stand out with customers. Helping you to win or retain business.

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